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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.


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Wetwheels South East is an exciting new venture coming to Dover.


The concept is the brainchild of Geoff Holt MBE DL. As a young man, Geoff was extremely active out on the water, but in an accident he broke his neck and became paralysed.  This life changing event had far reaching implications for Geoff. The determination to continue his passion for sailing and being on the water extended far beyond his personal ambitions and Wetwheels is the result.


The Wetwheels Foundation is a registered charity and each year delivers over 2000 interactive experiences to disabled and disadvantaged people from the community in a modified and fully coded 9 metre Cheetah Catamaran capable of speeds approaching 40 knots. The boat is fully wheelchair accessible, has modified helm controls to allow all onboard to take control in an exhilarating, safe and comfortable environment.  But, it’s not just about a high speed blast out on the water, oh no. The aim is to offer training, personal development, leading in some cases to a recognised qualification, mentoring, or if you prefer, simply a quiet spot of fishing. These are just some examples of what Wetwheels South East will be offering.


Our community, your community, is about to benefit from the vision of the Wetwheels Foundation as Wetwheels South East becomes the fourth such centre offering this facility.


Recently, I spent the day with Geoff and some of the great people who went aboard for the experience.  And that is just one of the reasons why it is a pleasure for me to write these few words and also support this fantastic new venture. I’m backing this because I saw the faces, I saw the enjoyment and I also saw the passion of the people delivering it. There are some pictures here and for those of you that have seen the video on the Facebook page of the website, it is easy to see why this is going to fill a much needed void in this sector.


How much will the initial setup cost?


Wetwheels South East is a bespoke design, tailored to the specific needs of her intended passengers. Even with considerable support from the builders, Cheetah Marine and  also support and sponsorship from other major names in the leisure and commercial boating industry, £205,380 needs to be raised to make this a reality. This is where we can all help. A target of 9 months has been set to raise the funds involving local boat clubs, residents, businesses and community groups. A cash donation, however large or small, sponsorship, a fundraising event or the supply of goods or equipment will all be most gratefully received.


I personally will be involved in this unique opportunity, having worked in the care sector for a period, I know the potential value and tremendous benefit of this to the recipients.


You can keep up to date with our progress here.


For further information and to get involved, you can email me at:




Remember, this is a not for profit charitable business. Run by people from the community for the community. We have just nine months, so let’s get the wheels in motion and put a lot more smiles on a lot more faces!


Thank you most sincerely and enjoy the page.



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