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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.

Riley Marine Services


Riley Marine Services operate a number of versatile craft offering light towage, survey, safety boat and diving support. They are not just kept busy here in the port and can often be seen along the south coast and the River Thames. This page shows their vessels at work at the Port of Kings.


17.11.15. Dover Worker in the Wellington Dock.



There is always much more going on at the Port of Kings than meets the eye. This morning I spent some time with Riley Marine and Seatech Diving as they continue to conduct underwater surveys of the culverts linking the Wellington and Granville Docks. Riley Marine's workboats are a familiar sight in the port and currently they are providing their vessel Dover Worker as the platform for Seatech Diving's operations.

Veronica is the affectionate name for Seatech's Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) and here are a few photos as she goes down.....
Veronica is a highly sophisticated lady and she doesn't come cheap either. Costing in excess of 50 thousand pounds and in the hands of the professional team, she explored the depths before divers were sent down to complete the survey works.


This Conger Eel didn't take too kindly to having his photo taken by Seatech's ROV "Veronica"!
The VideoRay Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) "Veronica".


As the video images are sent back to the surface, a detailed picture of the condition of the culverts can be built up. The Conger Eel was unexpected but the Croc, perhaps, was even more so....!

Once Veronica resurfaced, it was Ollie's turn to venture into the unknown. The dedicated team work all over the world and were also involved in surveying the wreck of the Costa Concordia prior to salvaging.

Just one more example of the financial investment the port continues to make in the infrastructure both above and below the water. 

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Dover Constructor, an extremely useful and versatile multicat.
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