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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.

PORT WILDLIFE: There's more than you might think...

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Summer 2015: This year's brood well on their way to becoming young ducklings rather than chicks. All eight offspring survived this year, thanks to Mum and many of us berth holders who kept a wary eye out for them, not to mention spending a small fortune on propretary duck food!

A regular visitor! Harbour Seals can often be seen in the Outer Harbour at all times of the year.


Not the most popular of birds, but one cannot help but admire the majesty of this Herring Gull caught on my camera as he soared beneath me.


Not just any old Gull!

Attracting much interest recently is this winter interloper a Glaucous Gull. Larger than the much more common Herring Gull and very light in colour but you can pick him out if you keep your eyes open!

The Moorhen, frequently found lurking under the pontoons and taking flight making the unwary jump out of their skin!
One of a group of three Great Crested Grebes in the outer harbour on the 4th March 2014

A Coot in the Wellington Dock.

A juvenile Cormorant, again photographed by TDZ Photography. These birds seem to stick around all season and can often be seen drying their wings, perched around the marina.

Three of the four ducklings successfully raised to maturity this year, 2013. Huey, Louie, Dewy and Spewy, the latter being the runt of the brood, all grew into fine looking adult female ducks.

All grown up! Dad looks on!
Meet the parents....!

Everyone's favourite from 2012, although sadly no longer with us, she certainly gave the Port of Dover the "seal of approval" (yes i know, stop groaning!)

She had quite remarkable colours and markings but sadly, she was ill and didn't survive, but it is possible to see Harbour Seals quite often in the port. The disused hoverpad alongside the Prince of Wales Pier is a popular spot if you keep your eyes open. For the best views and a chance to see them in larger numbers, book a trip on Dover Sea Safari's RIB.

Not an everyday sight, but a Kingfisher can sometimes be spotted darting around the marina in a blaze of colour.

The Herring Gull. Enough said.....

Quite a few of these about.Turnstones can frequently be spotted on the Prince of Wales pier.

A shoal of Grey Mullet. The best time of the year to see them in great numbers is Spring and Summer in the brackish water of the Wellington Dock. They spawn here and feed off detritus, weed and algae. They often feed on the surface around the boats and help to keep the waterline clean!

Caught this cheeky little chap the other day! (12th December 2013) A poor quality and very grainy snap in the dark, of our very own Port Fox in the Waterloo car park by the garages. You never know what's about...

An adult Cormorant hangs his wings out to dry after a spot of fishing in the marina.

12.07.14 Akin to a pair of bookends, this season's surviving ducklings take a nap.

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