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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.

PORT VESSELS: At work around the harbour.....

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Built by J.W. Cook of Wivenhoe and still going strong, the Admiral Day was the port's dredger for many years. She is now owned by Wyre Marine Services and has recently been engaged in dredging operations in the Outer Hebrides. 

Photo courtesy of Alain Hobbs.


Director in her new Police Patrol livery poses obligingly for the camera at the end of the Prince of Wales pier as she awaits the departure of MSC Magnifica. Thanks Guys!!

The David Church was built in 1995 by Appledore Shipbuilders and replaced the veteran dredger the Admiral Day, which, is still in service today. The David Church is an extremely versatile vessel and can dredge to a maximum depth of 18 metres and can also be used as a floating crane, capable of lifting up to 15 tons. Although she is kept busy around Europe's busiest ferry port, she is available for charter and contract dredging elsewhere.


For excellent views of the harbour taken from the David Church, check out Andy Stroud's Facebook page and enjoy the photography taken from his "office" onboard...

Dovorian sports her latest livery.

Port tug DHB Dauntless returns to the tug haven on a grey day in 2013

DHB Doughty about to go "round and down" at the end of the Prince of Wales Pier.

The Port of Dover's dredger the David Church makes her way down the "North and South" for another day's work. She and her crew are kept busy maintaining adequate depths of water around the port. She is seen here with her yellow dredging crane which was refurbished in 2012.

The David Church on her berth in the Tug Haven looking spick and span after having had her  crane refurbished and a fresh coat of paint

DHB Dauntless on the occasion of the first arrival of P&O's Spirit of Britain

One of two HPLs or Harbour Patrol Launches operated by the port, the Dovorian rounds the end of the Prince of Wales Pier at speed.

The Director returns from pilotage duty at dusk after another cruise ship departure.

The Dovorian takes charge of a yacht and safely moves her to the boat lift. Just one of many tasks she carries out around the port.

Little and Large! The HPL, Director, escorts the Carnival Legend upon her departure.

The Port's workboat Diana. This sturdy little craft can often be seen around the harbour performing a variety of dutes including, ploughing, surveying, light towage and support. She came to my rescue recently when my own boat decided to spring a leak and very grateful I was too!

Port of Dover Police Rib, Delta 99 keeping an ever watchful eye on proceedings.

Delta 99 off to fly the flag at an outside event.

DHB Dauntless prepares to take the bow line as Saga Sapphire gets underway

DHB Doughty at the stern with the Dovorian waiting in the background to disembark the pilot once Saga Sapphire has left via the Eastern Entrance.

Working together, the Dauntless and Doughty await their charge, in this case a Reefer ready to depart the Cargo Terminal.

Looking immensely capable, DHB Dauntless heads across the harbour.

Diana takes a brief rest from her normal environment and has her bottom washed, if you'll pardon the expression!

DHB Dauntless prepares to assist, following the early morning arrival of Aida Aura. That will but a smile on her face.......!

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