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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.


DWDR or Dover Western Docks Revival: This page is a photographic record of the progress.


Please note this page is under construction and will be regularly updated. Thank you.


All the images here, other than those credited to other photographers, may be purchased in a selection of sizes and finishes. Please enquire for further details. Images are added on a regular basis.

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Courtesy: Port of Dover.


The DWDR Marketing Suite is open every Wednesday afternoon and is situated on the seafront next to the Yacht Club. Additionally, there is usually a DWDR stand present during the Tuesday Market in the Market Square.



This project is of tremendous significance to the port, town and people. From somewhat humbler beginnings, the project has evolved and continues to do so, to enable this unique opportunity to become a reality.


As I write this in November 2015, many elements of the enabling works have all ready been completed. To many, the demolition of the old hoverpad terminal buildings over two years ago, was the first visible sign that work had commenced. Since then the old fastcraft berth alongside the Prince of Wales pier has gone, surveys, both on land and in the harbour have taken place, test cores and samples taken and analysed and now test piling is being carried out.


The phased project will transform the area in a number of ways. The first phase will be the construction of a new cargo terminal which will handle ever larger vessels and enable the port to compete with other facilities. Upon it's completion, it will enable the existing facility at the Eastern Docks to be decommissioned and redeveloped to cope with the ever increasing demands of cross channel traffic.


To the doubters, it is not all about just a cargo terminal. The subsequent phases will see new piers and a new marina together with retail units which will enhance the seafront and encourage more people to visit our port and town rather than merely pass through it as part of a longer journey.


DWDR is a one-shot deal. It is the one opportunity to construct a new port area and deliver regeneration for the community. It will create employment, safeguard existing jobs and once that is completed, the new marina and retail outlets will transform our waterfront.  


The first elements of this project will be completed within just two years. The subsequent phases will then, once completed  put our town and port on the map and on the chart, as a destination in it's own right. It will create something we can all be proud of, be a part of and perhaps, most importantly, allow the future generations to build upon in their own right.


This page intends to be but a mere photographic record as the project gathers pace. Keep up here or via the Facebook page. There are exciting times ahead!



Fugro's self propelled jack up barge "Coastal Explorer" was a familiar sight in the port as she carried out core sample drilling prior to analysis. Here she is seen close to the beach during the summer of 2015.


Core sample drilling on land during 2015.


Core samples safely crated and awaiting despatch for analysis.


                                                         Piling during November 2015.



There may not, at first glance, appear to be much activity during the first few months of 2016. Rest assured that as the project ramps up, much is going on behind the scenes (and the hoardings!)

These hoardings that were erected during the closing months of 2015 have now started to have full colour graphics applied to them which show some advanced renderings of what we can all expect once the project is completed. The hoardings contain land essential for the enablement works to continue and will be occupied by site equipment and offices in due course, some of which is on site already. The Prince of Wales

Pier has now closed, and from the refreshment kiosk on the seafront close to Dover Sea Sports, you can grab a hot drink and snack whilst checking out the latest progress! (Don't forget, Jill is still there every weekend from 10am). For a different view, the Admiralty Pier is open to anglers and promenaders alike and also has light refreshments available at the Turret. 

Take a stroll along the seafront, have a look at the graphics and also the information panels with views of the location as it will be once completed. 





Many of our visitors to Dover will remember seeing this iconic memory from the days when the hovercraft thundered across the channel! 

This propeller, which for many years stood as a silent sentinel to the past in the disused hover terminal, has now been carefully removed by Ebbsfleet Engineering for renovation and safe storage at Cruise Terminal 1. Along with many other important and historic items, the propeller will be incorporated into the new development as a static structure, crediting the hovercraft era as part of the overall history and continuing development of the port.

Other items that will be part of the new environment, particularly in the "Clock Tower Square" area will be the ornate lamps from the Prince of Wales pier and also the granite coping stones which will be machined and polished to form interesting seating areas from which to enjoy the surroundings.

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