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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.


City of London II passes the cruise vessel Costa neo Romantica on a Tuesday evening training exercise

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Above: Dover Lifeboat "City of London II" returns to her station after being tasked to attend another incident.


Tech Specs:


Dover Lifeboat, 17-09 City of London II is a Severn class vessel and this type is the largest in the RNLI fleet.


Her fleet classification of 17 denotes her length of 17.3 metres and 09 denotes her as being the ninth vessel constructed in her class of forty-six boats. She is approximately forty tonnes and constructed of fibre reinforced composite material, has a beam of 5.5 metres and has a draught of just 1.38 metres.  Her maximum speed is in excess of 25 knots and she has a total range of some 250 miles with a crew of six or seven. She carries a Y class inflatable for close inshore work and the boat herself can take the ground should the need arise.


Re-engined in the summer of 2012 with two new mtu diesels replacing the original Caterpillar 3412 TA units, she is now faster, more efficient and effective than ever before. City of London II is crammed with a comprehensive range of state of the art marine electronics and first aid equipment. She is fully self-righting with a complement of forty-seven and unbelievably, she can carry up to 185 people in a non self-righting mode. She is the seventeenth lifeboat to have been stationed here and has been on station since 1997.


Dover Lifeboat Station is one of the busiest in the country, her volunteer crew and station personnel on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, relying purely on voluntary donations, legacies and fundraising, saving lives at sea.


Visit the Station soon, make a donation or choose from a range of stylish and useful gifts on sale in the Station Shop, you never know, you might meet one of the friendly crew and be given an exclusive tour of the boat! Hopefully you will never need the service of the Dover crew but by pledging your support it is  reassuring to know that they are standing by, waiting for the call.....

Dover Regatta 2011: Relief boat 17-46 Margaret Joan and Fred Nye in company with both Walmer Inshore D and B class boats
18.02.14 Lift and hold for City of London II as she has a wash off and spruce up.
Getting a grip! Nigel Callaghan assists with the relaunch..........!!

An unusual view of Dover Lifeboat, at rest in the Wellington Dock.

Safely home, an aerial view from Manston based, Heli Charter's G-SUEY

Fleetmate visitors.....

Summer 2012 and Dover Lifeboat, City of London II is released from service for replacement engines to be fitted. She is pictured rafted up alongside Trent class boat 14-14 George and Mary Webb. Severn class boat 17-45 Duke of Kent is alongside adjacent to the Station. 

Severn class 17-02 The Will lays over in Dover's Wellington Dock 2012

Mersey class Dungeness Lifeboat 12-27 Pride and Spirit departs Dover Lifeboat Station after being tasked to an incident in 2013. 

Whitby's Trent class lifeboat 14-14 George and Mary Webb  alongside Dover's City of London II.

Severn class 17-45 Duke of Kent mirrors our own Dover boat!
Walmer Inshore Lifeboat at speed during a search and rescue demonstration at Dover Regatta 2011
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