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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.


Local company Mutiny Diving is based at the Glenmore Centre, Whitfield and is operated by Chris Webb. Chris himself is an extremely active diver and also runs a variety of RYA power boat courses using his RIB Copperhead Diver. This page gives an insight into a typical dive on a wreck in the channel and I hope it whets your appetite (see what I did there !?!?!)


All the images here were taken during an evening dive on the 4th May 2014.



All images on this page and elsewhere on the website are subject to copyright. This requires you to obtain permission to reproduce them before doing so.

Thank you.

With the wreck located and the shot line secured, diving can commence.
Local diver Thomas Packman prepares to take the plunge.
Followed a few seconds later by Chris Webb.

On this dive, the conditions were exceptional. The sea was like a mirror, the tide stopped running and the vis was twenty feet or so, you just don't get conditions as good as this often. After notifying the coastguard of our position, numbers of people and other relevant information, the duration of the dive was approximately 40 minutes and on one of the many wrecks not far from Dover.

Some 40 minutes later, having sent up lift bags with "spidge" they have collected, Chris and Tom return to the RIB and are recovered onboard.

It isn't just about the rewards under the water, how about this for a view! The sun sets over the White Cliffs of Dover as yours truly is trusted to take the helm and us all home.


Want to know what they got?!


Scroll down!

Smiles all round! Tom and Chris show off their finds. Tom was extremely proud of his radio morse key contraption which is now undergoing restoration. A bowl, a very nice flagon and some bottles which can all be identified and offer a fascinating snapshot of social and maritime history were among the finds......


Many thanks for the experience guys. A great evening.

Tom and Chris with a nice porthole from a recent dive.


A great discovery completely out of the blue......!



Here is an interesting and poignant story. Recently, Mutiny Diving recovered this propeller and gearbox from the sea just off Folkestone. The manufacturers plate denotes it as a Merlin III unit built at Eastleigh and fitted to a Spitifre 1A which first flew on 13th March 1940.
Attached to 74 Squadron, the Spitfire flown by Fred Eley?
To cut a very long story short, on 31st July 1940 Fred Eley's Spitfire went down burning off Folkestone harbour. It appears he was the victim of the more experienced Oberleutnant Horst "Jakob" Tietzen, a veteran of the Spanish Civil War and attached to JG51, flying a ME109. At around 15:48 Fred's plane crashed burning into the sea. It was some few days before his Spitfire (P9398) was pulled out of the water by RAF personnel from nearby Hawkinge. Interestingly, the heavy engine, gearbox and propeller broke away and was left in the mud but the remainder of the scorched and twisted wreckage was dragged ashore. As the water drained from the cockpit the men were horrified as the figure of the pilot was revealed, still strapped into his seat.
Fred Eley was buried on 13th August. He was just 24 years old. 
The unit has now been entrusted into the care of the Battle of Britain Museum at Hawkinge. Well worth a visit I hasten to add. Well done to all who recovered it and also to those now preserving it.
Now pause and study the image below. We do indeed owe so very much to so very few. As I said, this pilot was just 24 years old when he made the ultimate sacrifice.
As for Oberleutnant Horst "Jakob" Tietzen, he also made the same sacrifice for his country on 18th August 1940 when he was shot down over the Thames estuary. He was just 28.
The research continues, only time will tell, but it makes you think doesn't it?


Spitfire pilot Sgt. Frederick Eley. Killed in action aged just 24 in 1940.


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