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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.



On this page you will find some suggested titles, reviews and recommended reading for you! Not all are still in print, but a good rummage through secondhand bookshops, Car Boots, internet sites such as Amazon and Ebay will yield surprising results.

A good selection of local reading and from further afield, together with some humourous titles, should keep you seaching and well occupied!

Where appropriate, each review states the ISBN, price & PB (Paperback) or HB (Hardback)

Happy reading!




What I'm reading:

Below is an overview of the book I'm currently engrossed in and will periodically change.



"To The Baltic WIth Bob" written by Griff Rhys Jones of "Not The Nine O'clock News" fame, not to mention a good few other television programmes, is obvisouly going to be an amusing read! It doesn't disappoint either! The humour flows gracefully from page to page as Griff and his crew embark on a voyage in Griff's yacht to St Petersburg......and back....! Extremely engaging, funny and well written. If, like me, you don't have an awful lot of time to read humourous stuff, make sure this is one which you do!

"To The Baltic With Bob" Is published by Penguin Travel. PB. ISBN 978-0-14-101286-5 £8.99



Scroll down for more titles....


"Calamity Corner" written by prolific maritime and local history writer Anthony Lane, deals with the wrecks of the Eastern English Channel. Prolifically illustarted throughout, it covers some remarkable disasters in both peace and wartime just off the coast here in Dover. 

"Calamity Corner" is published by Tempus Publishing. PB. ISBN 0-7524-3163-3 £12.99



"Dover Harbour Board 1646" Hmm! An interesting one this. I don't know how many copies were produced but I do know that the date on the cover is wrong and should read "1606". Who knows, if you can find a copy, it may become quite collectable! It is also an extremely absorbing read, if you can find a copy!



"Ferries Of Dover Through Five Decades 1960-2011" by John Hendy and published by that powerhouse of literary output Ferry Publications! One of many titles from them and this one, like all the rest, never fails to be filled with superb photography and accurate facts and figures. If you like your helping of nostalgia and like me, are of 1960's vintage, this one will not fail to delight.

"Ferries Of Dover...." is published by Ferry Publications. PB. ISBN 978-1-906608-18-7 £16.00



"Wrecks And Rescues Off The Romney Marsh Coast" written by Edward Carpenter, an interesting read which accounts for incidents from Winchelsea in East Sussex and along the coast to Folkestone in Kent. Particularly poignant is the final chapter covering the tragedy of the Rye Harbour Lifeboat "Mary Stanford" of 1928.

"Wrecks And Rescues Off The Romney Marsh Coast" PB ISBN 0-9509267-1-X



"Shipwrecks Of Kent" is another example of Anthony Lane's work. Profusely illustrated in black and white throughout, it covers the East and North coasts together with the dreaded Goodwin Sands.

"Shipwrecks Of Kent" PB. ISBN 0-7524-1720-7 £9.99



"Superyacht X-Rated" Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!! Quite simply one of the funniest books I have ever read! It's not all sun, sea and sex either, well, not quite! Marc Wilder recounts his experiences whilst crewing a luxury superyacht around the Mediterranean, a superyacht whose skipper is an absolute cock!! If, like me, you have ever worked with someone like this skipper, you will enjoy this read even more. Trust me, you will laugh until you cry! If only the skipper's name had been Richard......"Special" coffee sir?!?! Right away Sir, coming right up.....!!! Oh, how I laughed! Brilliant.

"Superyacht X-Rated"  PB. ISBN 978-1-84454-970-2 £7.99



"Designing Ships For Sealink"  co-written by Don Ripley and Tony Rogan, both gentlemen being Naval Architects, this book details the design innovations and development of the Sealink fleet involving their input.

"Designing Ships For Sealink" Ferry Publications. PB. ISBN 1-871947-34-0 £8.95 



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