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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.

Marina Berth Holder News: Newest stories first.....

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Berth Holder Representatives Meeting

9th March 2017


Hello everyone, here are my notes from the meeting I attended yesterday at Harbour House. Once again, a positive meeting, but attended by, if I’m honest far too few of us, just three Representatives in fact.


Six main points on the agenda, which I detail as follows:


The meeting commenced with a comprehensive review from Chris Windsor of marina activities and the numbers for last season.  Currently there are 269 Berth Holders in total. For visitor figures last year we saw  a reduction of 7% compared to the previous year, together with a corresponding 17% reduction reflected in the total number of 9,230 visitor days overall. At first glance this may seem a little worrying, but the figures reflect favourably when compared with other marinas, particularly considering  the poor summer season which all, along the south coast, experienced last year. Dover was not alone in this and it is envisaged that more encouraging numbers are to come. More of that later! The London Boatshow was attended once again in January and although visitor numbers were lower at the event, several new berth holders will be welcomed to Dover this season.


Moving on to the second matter on the agenda gave Chris Talbot the opportunity to give an excellent presentation concerning the DWDR Project. Many have spoken about this and the fact that the long awaited development is now gathering pace, will indicate to the doubters that what we have all seen in presentations and promotional material, is about to become a reality. Chris doesn’t pull any punches with his straightforward and honest approach when detailing and responding to questions regarding this significant project. We will all experience noise and brief periods of inconvenience, but we must look to the future and what this key regeneration project represents, not just to us as berthies, but to Dover, our visitors and crucially, local employment.


Chris detailed the initial phases that contractor Volker Stevin Boskalis Westminster Joint Venture (VSBW JV)  will undertake. The projected two year period for stages 1 and 2 encompass the marine civils aspect. For us, this includes the marina cut, bascule bridge and dredging which will commence at the end of this month and continue during 2018. More widely, it also includes the construction of the new cargo terminal which will be capable of handling two vessels simultaneously, thus ensuring that the Port of Dover secures employment and also develops its position as a vitally important facility for the refrigerated/container trade currently. Stage 3 will follow and involves the subsequent infilling of the existing dock areas.


As with all such projects, the contractor, VSBW JV, has now taken possession of the construction areas and once completed, will hand them back to the Port. From a boating point of view, the exclusion zones and areas for swimming and rowing outside of it will be clearly buoyed and marked with regular Notice to Mariners (NtM’s), emails, press releases and media supporting this.


From the end of this month and until mid May, dredging will take place in the harbour to remove soft sediment. From 24th April piling will commence for the new navigation channel, during May and June piling for Berthing areas A and C, these are the new cargo berths and then during July and August for the Marina Curve and cut forming the new marina lock complex across the seafront etc. It is anticipated that up to 20 vessels will be working in connection with the project at various times during the construction period.


Between 14th and 30th March there will be single lane working on the A20 daily between 0600 and 1800 to allow the Puffin crossing and MOVA traffic light system to be fully integrated. Bethnal Corner car park access gates from the A20 will temporarily close between 22nd and 30th March as this happens. Access to this car park will once again be through a dedicated corridor using the De Bradelei car park route as before.


From 25th March and for around one month, the vessels involved in the project will arrive in the port. These include Backhoe Dredgers, Hopper Barges, Multicats, Crane Barges and Pile Storage Barges. As already stated, the Safety Exclusion Zone will be supported by the Harbour Patrol Launch, Safety Boats, Port Control on Channel 74 and regular NtM’s. The establishment of the zone is imminent. A traffic light system will be in operation for navigating the Wick, or North and South during the works.


Now we come to the N word, Noise! It’s a construction site and the contractor has a total of 700 piles to drive. Piling will take place using 3 Piling Rigs working remotely from each other in different areas of the port. It takes around 3 hours to drive each pile to the desired depth and level and it is envisaged that 3 piles per unit per day will be driven home, so that’s 9 piles per day. The hours of operation will be Monday to Friday 0800-1800 and Saturday 0800-1400. There is NO piling on a Sunday.  The substrate is predominately chalk and due to the nature of the stuff, once a pile has been started, it has to be driven home in one period of operation. The planning constraints allow for this, should it be necessary to pile for brief periods outside of the hours stated.  The technique uses a combination of traditional piling and Vibro piling, with a soft start commencing the operation. Noise levels of 85 decibels could be experienced within the 100 metres Action Level and as such, anyone within this zone will be offered complimentary hearing protection. The piling will be halted during prolonged periods of high winds or gusts for technical reasons. There will be regular meetings, updates, emails and press releases during the initial 24 month construction period.


The Union Street car park will only be available to berth and permit holders. The 120 spaces are to be remarked and there will be additional parking in the boatyard during the summer when space is available for it. The parking spaces in Union Street itself will form a holding area for construction traffic, but at no time will access to the main car park, marina office and lifeboat station be compromised. 


The proposed dredging of the Goodwin Sands to provide infill for the project is subject to an ongoing review and appraisal by both Heritage England and the MMO. The port has already conducted exhaustive surveys, impact assessments and research into this and will now be conducting a further magnetometer survey to conform to the requests of these organisations, resulting from public pressure. Subject to the outcome, it may be necessary to use the dredging areas in the English Channel that commercial aggregate companies currently use, but this will increase both the cost and carbon footprint of the project. In any event, this aspect of the regeneration project will not take place until Stage 3.


For more information, there are numerous ways of being kept up to date and also to contact the team here and they welcome questions, comments and queries from all stakeholders and the public. Their aim is to keep everyone informed.


The Port of Dover DWDR Facebook page posts regular items alternatively you can visit or contact the dedicated team at


Additionally, the DWDR Marketing Suite situated at De Bradelei Wharf will be opening soon. Failing that, you can log onto my Dover-Marina Facebook page as I continue to photograph the project and post regular updates!


Moving on, we welcomed Michael Keam to the port as he takes up his new role within the Port Police team. There is now a new head of policing and the new Reassurance Policing Team comprises five members and Michael will be on hand to play a pivotal role in our community and it is hoped a revival of a Marina Watch type of operation, which retired Martin Dadd helped develop during his years of service here. Michael is no stranger to the marine environment, a crew member of Whitstable Inshore Lifeboat, he has also worked on Windfarm vessels, and is involved with the RYA and Sea Scouts . So, welcome Michael, We wish you very success in your new position! Michael can be contacted via the Port Police switchboard and also at


An exciting new opportunity for boaters is the creation of the North Sea Sailing Route. This comprises 12 marinas offering a 50% discount for up to three days per year in each member marina. Full details will be available in a forthcoming press release, so keep an eye open for that one!


A boatyard round up from Jez Kemp detailed the new electricity outlets and water points now that the area previously occupied by Coastal Rides has been cleared. It’s a busy boatyard and there are still some 50 boats on the hard. As always, safety is paramount, so let’s all keep it clean and tidy, particularly if, like me, we have a four legged friend in tow! Let’s clean it up! If working on a boat which is close to another, it is always best to communicate to avoid unnecessary clashes of activity and in talking about planned maintenance to our pride and joy, often leads to enduring friendships. Oh, one more thing, please don’t feed the Pigeons and Seagulls, although maybe the odd bowl of bran flakes for the ducks, as it won’t be long before they attempt to raise a brood this year!


That about wraps it up, suffice for me to wish you all a great season here at the port and of course, happy boating!


Cheers for now.




Thursday 16th February 2017


Please note that the next Berth Holder Representative Meeting is scheduled for 9th March.

If any of you here in the Wellington Dock have any points which are not dealt with during the usual maintenance practices and patrols, please get in touch and I will forward them to the relevant personnel.


Spring is in the air (well almost!) and many of us will have already noticed further enablement works in connection with the DWDR project. The new cut from the Wellington across the seafront and subsequently our new marina is imminent, as is the continuation of the project elsewhere in the port. Interesting times, so if you happen to be out and about and take a few photos, they are always most welcome for the Facebook page and website.


Here's to a great summer.

Happy boating!




Sunday 18th December 2016


Christmas is just one week away, so a timely opportunity to wish you all the complements of the season. 2017 is set to be an interesting year as the DWDR project really gets underway.

A time of change for us all to embrace and look forward to the vision becoming a reality during the next few years.


Have a good one!




                                                 M&P Marine Services poised for expansion:

                                                                     September 28th 2016 

I offered to post some information about this as it is important that all berth holders and visitors are assured of the continuing range of services offered by this reliable and experienced local company. It's a company that I have used, so I speak from personal experience when I say the range of services offered and the quality of their work is second to none. As always, you can contact them on mobile telephone number 07854 904380. Full contact details are at the end of the post.

I wish Mick and Liam all the very best with their continued service and expansion. They will shortly be relocating to the Boatyard very near to the Boat Lift. I also wish Paul well for the future and thank him for the great work he carried out on "Entice".

The relocation of M&P Marine Services within the DWDR development also serves to illustrate that a much valued local business continues to be accommodated by the Port of Dover as both a valued stakeholder and tenant.

M&P Marine's Press Release follows:

"As you may of already heard, Paul has decided to move on from the company and has accepted a position on the Smit range safety boats, He will be leaving the company on 30th September 2016 and we wish him well in his new career.

I have a new employee starting with me full time on the 01 November 2016, some of you may already know him as he works in the marine/boat repair business already, for those of you who don't, Liam is a young 27 year old man, with a great knowledge of all the aspects of the boating world and is more than capable of carrying out the work we require him to undertake, he is very enthusiastic and is keen to expand the company with me and supply the standard of work you have come to expect from us. I'm positive that you will all be pleased to meet him and be pleased with his work on your boat when you need us.

You may or may not also be aware that in early January 2017 we have to move our premises to allow the exciting new development of the marina, We have been allocated an area in the boat park next to the amenities block. We plan to be moved in the office/workshop completed by mid January, however we will operating as normal during the transition period so please call or pop in as normal during the move.

Finally let me take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your support in the past 7 years and look forward to being of an assistance to you in the future".

M&P Marine will still be operating as normal, offering the same prompt services as usual to the same high standard you expect.

07860 688038 will no longer be a phone number related to M&P Marine services so please call 07854 904380 only to contact us from today

With kind regards

                                                 Tel: 07854 904380
                   Esplanade Quay, Wellington Dock, Dover Marina, CT17 9BN



Berth Holder Representatives Meeting 19th April 2016


My notes from the meeting, once again for your delectation....


Chris provided us with a Marina update. Encouraging figures with a 93% renewal rate based on the previous year. The few that did not renew have either sold their vessel or relocated elsewhere for a different experience and pastures, or should that be waters?, new!


Also,  familiar face, Jeremy Kemp was present from the Boatyard as "Jez" is the new Marina Supervisor, so together with the rest of the team, he will be on hand to assist us all as usual. Congratulations Jez!


Whilst on the subject of the Boatyard, a polite and gentle reminder about "Boatyard Etiquette". This is everyone's responsibility. Two main points here, if you inform the staff of your planned work, particularly if it involves blasting and dry sanding etc, they will endeavour to find a suitable position for your vessel which will minimise issues to others and also benefit you! You also need to inform them should you be using external contractors. Secondly, consider the route of your hosepipes and power leads, this will ensure that they are not run over and damaged. To those of us who drive in and out of the boatyard, look out for them, as doing so will prevent an unecessary altercation! The condition of our leads and sockets should also be considered. Let's keep it safe and enjoyable (as far as heavy maintenance on our boats can be enjoyable at any rate!).


The forthcoming Marina Open Day was discussed. This event continues to grow and in addition to the companies shown on the advertising supporting the event this year, National Coastwatch from Folkestone, face painting and hot food will also be available. That should keep even Loon happy, the hot food I mean, not the face painting.....


The abnormal load which will be using the Port of Kings was detailed. The road movement is set for the early hours of the 25th (Monday) and disruption will be kept to an absolute minimum. The Boatyard staff have assisted in the final stage of the journey as the load will use this route to the cruise terminal. Should be interesting to see!


That's about it, summer is coming, so happy boating!


See you at the Marina Open Day, if not before. Kettle is always on!







Berth Holder Representatives Meeting 19th January 2016


Here we are then, my notes from the latest meeting for your delectation.



As previously stated, this meeting was specifically tabled to provide an update of the DWDR project and also to give details of the forthcoming roadworks and traffic improvements on the A20. Mr Chris Talbot furnished us with the latest...


Mr Chris Talbot is the DWDR Communications Manager and he took time explaining the various elements of the project to provide a new cargo facility, marina, new piers and also the subsequent retail and leisure facilities which will become available within it upon the completion of the waterfront transformation and regeneration.


Additionally, aspects of the A20 roadworks were presented.


Official emails regarding both these elements have been sent to all bertholders, so please check your inbox. If you are not getting these regular emails from the port, also check you junk box just in case they have for some reason ended up there! 




Dover Marina Open Day 2016

Saturday 21st May

1000 to 1600




Just a reminder that there is a Berth Holder Representative Meeting tomorrow which I will be attending. The meeting will give the Port of Dover team an opportunity to advise us of the latest DWDR update and also to outline the forthcoming A20 junction improvements which are due to commence in early February. I will be publishing the details on this page as soon after the meeting as I can.







Our beautiful castle. Not from this winter, but from a few years ago!


May I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Also, just to remind you that there is a forthcoming Berth Holder Representative Meeting on the 7th January. This meeting is specifically about the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR), but if you have any points you wish me to raise, please let me know via email, telephone or in person. I am here all Christmas and will be doing my usual pre-meeting pontoon prowl  in the Wellie beforehand! Hopefully I will see a few of you then.


2016  and beyond will be a year of change, the exciting DWDR project will really start to take shape with the construction of the new cargo terminal ahead of our superb new marina, marina curve, new pier and transformation of the waterfront. WIth the opportunity for future retail and leisure facilities within it, there will be something for everyone.


The Summer will see the return of the popular Marina Open Day, in which we can all play a part, by inviting our non-boating friends and family to come and take a look at. A range of activities is planned to suit all tastes. Once again and not long afterwards, the 2016 Community Regatta will take place. This event is gaining more stands and also more visitors, so hopefully, as was the case this year, we will be blessed with good weather!


If we look a little further, the St James Street Development will also enter the construction stage. The St James Street and DWDR are two projects crucial for Dover and will bring both employment and tourism to our town and port. When completed they will enable Dover to become a destination in it's own right, particularly when combined with the thousands of years of history and heritage White Cliffs Country already has to offer.




Just to update you on my contact details:


Mobile: 07703659747

You can also get in touch via the Facebook page of the website and Messenger.

Failing that, pop round! Entice Berth 95.

Kettle's on! 



Well mine are up, where are yours?!?!

Come on berthies, lets light up the marina and bring a little festive cheer.....




Berth Holder Representatives Meeting

27th October 2015


Here we are then, my notes from the meeting last night for your delectation.


I emphasise that this is my personal analysis compiled in my usual manner. If you don’t read it all, you won’t know, will you !?


 As is usual before these meetings, I wandered the pontoons here in the Wellington Dock and spoke to whoever I could find! More than a few of you expressed their desire that I pass on thanks to our Marina office and also the Boatyard teams for their unstinting help and expertise. This I did and Chris was very appreciative, your comments will be passed on accordingly, so thank you to all of you I spoke to yesterday. Matters of routine maintenance are passed to Chris for further action as always. Those of you who enquired as to the early settlement discount for an annual berth, this is currently being discussed and information directly from the Port to Berth Holders will be forthcoming. 


Chris commenced this productive meeting with a Marina update.  Looking out of the wheelhouse this morning, one may not believe it now, but we benefited from some spells of good weather this summer which gave rise to the figures below.


Currently we have 263 Annual Berth holders and our continued five anchor awarded status drew some impressive visitor figures this season. 3200 visitors represented 9300 visitor days here in the marina. The boatyard has remained busy too with 500 lifts to date plus all the other duties they are tasked with have kept them occupied. 


Normally, at the conclusion of Chris’s update, a member of the Port of Dover policing team is available for their comments and input. Unfortunately David was busy with traffic duties yesterday, keeping the traffic flowing as problems with the Tunnel and events in Calais continue.  Although the 40mph speed limit is considered by many an annoyance, the overall impact of the TAP period has predominantly kept our local routes clear and flowing. Perhaps now, the powers that be will consider a more permanent solution rather than allowing Dover and the port to suffer further due to lack of investment in the road network, which is, after all, a national responsibility. Anyway, enough said, that is just my opinion! Spare a thought for our policing team this winter. Being stuck out there in all weathers in the middle of the road can hardly be a pleasant experience....


Next up, DWDR: The Dover Western Docks Revival is gathering pace. We will by now have all seen the new hoardings which have been erected around the Swingbridge car park and the Clock Tower. These will contain the site offices during both the continued enabling works and once the project gets underway . These hoardings are to receive graphics very soon which will not only give details of the DWDR, but also have interesting facts and features of the history and heritage of the area.  The port acknowledges that initial marketing output was perhaps a little confusing These issues have now been addressed and new literature has been produced together with regular press releases, press advertising and updates. The DWDR Marketing Suite continues to open on Wednesday afternoons and is situated next to the RCPYC on the seafront. Additionally, every Tuesday, during the market in the square, there is a marketing stand where anyone can receive the latest information and engage with the port team. There is a slight delay with this exciting regeneration of the waterfront and marina WILL happen. I’m not going to bang on about it again, but this is a project for us all to believe in.  Berth Holders, residents and visitors alike. The regeneration of the area, provision of new cargo facilities to accommodate the new and larger refrigerated cargo ships being constructed and entering service is vital. It means jobs and it means business and it is going to happen!

DWDR is a phased development, with the cargo terminal being constructed first, but you have to start somewhere. The new marina will be constructed and existing marina facilities will be infilled, obviously not before we have our new marina and new piers. This all may be several years away but it WILL happen. We must remember that for this one shot development to be the very best it can, it will be phased and it will be gradual. All concerns voiced by Berth Holders are sympathetically addressed and the reassurances given are positive. The sheer volume of up to the minute information now available means that there is no longer any excuse to be left in the dark! I have a stack (thank you Barbara!) of the latest DWDR brochures. Those of you I catch aboard will get one today. If I miss you, please come and collect one from me at Berth 95 in the Wellington.


Business users of the marina have been equally reassured that their livelihoods will be safe and secure in the future development both during and after the construction. Speaking of construction, there will be some test piling of the old Hoverport commencing on November 2nd. The duration of these works will be two weeks and operations will not take place all day. There will be 6 hours of testing in total.


The Prince of Wales pier remains open for the foreseeable future and there are discussions about partial access once the DWDR is completed. Anglers will be accommodated on the Admiralty pier and it is now possible to fish in areas here that were not available for a while. Disabled access is also being facilitated in the Cruise Terminal 3 area. During busy periods at the Cruise Terminal and operational requirements, angling will be confined to the more shoreward portion of the pier. The angling will be managed by the Dover Sea Angling Association and there will be no charge for the non angling public wishing to partake of the sea air!


Southampton Boatshow: This was a new market for our Marina and the stand at this event last month was well attended. It has already resulted in 2 new Annual Berth Holders and also forged links and visits with yachting and boating associations planning to visit our Marina during 2016. Dover’s unique position for the continent and as a stopover for crews heading north to the cruising grounds of Essex and East Anglia and also to the west and beyond is attracting more numbers. Combine that with the heritage our town has to offer and also the new developments taking place, we will be even more firmly on the map (chart) in the future. The Marina will also once again, be attending the 2016 London Boatshow at stand D024 together with representatives from the RCPYC.


2016 Marina Open Day: This will take place on May 21st and we will, once again, hopefully be blessed with good weather....!  Building on the success of this year, suggestions are invited from all as to new attendees and concerns. This event is not just for us Berthies, bring the family and friends, there will be lots going on.  I may even take a stand myself. So, get involved, be part of it and don’t forget to put the date in your diary!

2015 Regatta feedback. One word seems to have summed it up nicely, excellent! Once again blessed with good weather, this community event was extremely well attended and is also set to become bigger and better. I have no doubt that it will be one or the premiere events on the southeast coast.


James, from Dover Seasports gave us a few words. There are some great outdoor activities available here for all the family. They work closely with schools and colleges and also actively seek to encourage the involvement of the disabled and people with learning difficulties.  Sometimes the schools are reluctant to benefit from the services they offer as the dreaded spectre of health and safety is ever present. The RYA Sailability initiative has proved an important concept. Wetwheels will be featuring strongly in the news, but more on that soon!  The only negative was the 220 cancelled Sea Safari trips this season due to the windy conditions. Other than that, leisure use of the beach and harbour is increasing and it is good to see so many people out on the water learning new skills and enjoying themselves.


The RCPYC continues to offer a comprehensive range of events to members. One such event is “Pickles Evening” taking place this weekend. A below decks kind of Trafalgar Day celebration it will be well attended. With more group events, races and the imminent Beaujolais Nouveau run, pop along and see what they have to offer you if you choose to take out a membership with them.  


Anything else? That’s about it I guess. Dredging of the Granville Dock to alleviate depth issues around the boatlift is not really an option. The depth is adequate for lift outs most of the time for the craft we have here. Port dredger the David Church may try and dredge a “hole” near the entrance and then the action of the sluice and tides will naturally scour away the build up of sediment. The cost of anything further is not really an option given the fact that we will soon have a brand new marina and also the 10 out 10 for our Gold Anchor awarded marina. And on that note I will bid you farewell.


Happy Boating, you know where I am and the kettle, as always, will be on!




Morning all!


Just to let you know that I will be attending the forthcoming Berth Holder Representative Meeting on 27th October .


If any of you here in the Wellington Dock have anything you would like me to mention to Chris or during the meeting, other than anything we have covered previously, please let me know.


You can text, message, phone or visit me. You know where I am and it is always good to see you. I have seen many of you recently and it has been good to welcome some new arrivals too.


I will post my personal overview of the meeting on this page soon. The officail "minutes" of the meeting on the 27th will be emailed to you in due course directly from the Port of Dover.


Well, it looks like that's the end of the summer so we had better all check our mooring ropes and batten down the hatches for the winter onslaught!


The kettle, as always, is on!


Happy boating!






The latest Berth Holder Representatives meeting was held on 17.06.15. As Berth Holders you will receive the official notes from the Port in due course.  However, I am pleased to share some personal insights with you on this page and I trust you will all enjoy the following epistle and find it both useful and of interest.


These regular meetings enable your representatives to be kept informed of the broader aspects of the port in addition to issues arising in our marina environment.  The comments and points that you as berth holders raise with us are routinely passed onto the marina team and incorporated into the planned and unplanned maintenance schedules. For this reason, not every item arising is discussed at the meetings but you can rest assured your comments are always welcomed and acted upon.  One issue that I’ll get out of the way first is marina wifi. Some are still experiencing problems and evaluation and improvements are continuing. It is difficult to ensure that only berth holders can avail themselves of this free facility, rather than a wider audience, but those of us that completed the recent wifi survey forms greatly contributed to improving the coverage and availability. Further monitoring of the servie is ongoing.


Firstly, we received information on Marina numbers. Currently there are 254 berths occupied on an annual mooring basis and visiting numbers are exceeding all previous records. Here in the Wellington, we have a 55% occupancy, so perhaps some of our Summer visitors will decide to make Dover a home for their boat too!


Next on the agenda was an update on the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR). Most of us will have noticed the large red platform that meandered its way around the port recently, particularly when it was positioned prominently on the beach and particularly at low tide! This was the jack up platform “Coastal Explorer” and together with land based core sample drilling, this phase of the ground investigation works is now complete. Those of you that follow my Facebook page and the website will have been kept up to date with news and photographs. If you haven’t had a look, please do so. If you don’t wish to, don’t moan later when you say you’re not kept abreast of the news (just saying). Other forms of media made much of the rumours concerning unexploded ordinance which the survey work discovered. This informtaion was incorrect but does help to sell newspapers I suppose. The Port of Dover produces regular updates on this exciting project and this is available via email, online or as good old fashioned literature, all of which of course, is in addition to the community workshops held at the cruise terminal to which all are invited. The DWDR project is now to move onto a second phase which will see construction work commence on the new cargo terminal once the preferred bidder for the work has been selected. More information will be forthcoming from the Port of Dover soon. As a phased development this crucial project will safeguard existing jobs in the current workforce and also create significant employment both during and after the terminal is completed.  This is, therefore, a project of tremendous benefit to all connected with the port and just as importantly, the local community.


The recently held Marina Open Day was discussed. All agreed that this was once again a well supported event. Bigger and better this year, this event is destined to grow and in the fullness of time, be incorporated into a larger spectacle. Again, more news soon from the Port of Dover. Those of us that attended had the opportunity to meet visitors from the local community, proving that this event isn’t just about us boaties! The port team were on hand to promote the DWDR and also chat to our visitors about the marina. You never know, we may make boaties out of them yet! Dover Lifeboat and Station was open to the public, boat trips were available and the Coastguard, Kent Fire and Rescue and Bronze Age Boat all proved popular. The port had worked closely with Ramora and provided a much needed Flare Amnesty which did indeed end the day with a bang! All very positive and an enjoyable day for those present.


Right, next up, security! A gentleman from the Kent Constabulary gave an update on general policing.  Most of us have seen the news recently concerning significant drug seizures and also people trafficking. Our port is busy, one of the busiest of its kind. Sadly, it is inevitable that these vile trades are pedalled through it. The diligence of us all is of paramount importance.  If you see anything suspicious, make that call. Our own Port Police team have been kept busy. On several occasions they have been tasked to attend suspected breaches of security within the marina. These turned out to be berth holders who had forgotten the access codes and gained entry in other ways.  Potentially dangerous to the perpetrators and also time consuming for our police officers. If you forget the code, a quick call or visit to the marina office will solve the problem once they have established who you are.  I have to admit though, sometimes you just have to laugh!

On a more serious note, the break-ins experienced by some berth holders have now been resolved. Two juveniles were dealt with through the Youth Court and the Judge, evidently being in a lenient mood, handed down a sentence of a  60 hours unpaid work order to each of the miscreants.  When one considers the stress and inconvenience caused, not to mention the considerable efforts of both our police force and that of the Kent Constabulary, this is somewhat disappointing.  Items recovered will in due course be reunited with their owners.


Whilst on the subject of policing, we bid farewell to Martin Dadd who has retired from the service. Martin was a familiar face to all of us on his frequent foot patrols around the marina and seafront. A champion of the Marinawatch initiative and Project Kraken, Martin was always on hand for a chat and to offer advice. He will be greatly missed, and  I for one, wish him all the very best and an enjoyable retirement. Cheers Martin and thanks!


Patrols by our own police force and that of the Kent Constabulary maintain a visible presence and reassure us all, acting as a deterrent to the individuals that blight the existence of us law abiding folk. Community and neighbourhood policing is at the very heart of what they do and they should be applauded in their efforts.


Fancy a day out!? Port of Dover Marina will be present at the Southampton Boat Show this year. This takes place from the 11th to 20th September.  As with the London Boat Show, this event provides an opportunity for meeting potential new berth holders.  So if you are heading down the coast to pay a visit, don’t forget to say “hi” to the team.


That just about wraps it up. Another proactive meeting with positive comments made from everyone (well, almost everyone) present. .....As representatives, most of us do our utmost to engage with you as berth holders and the Port of Dover.  Perennial niggles do not need to be included and I feel have no place in these meetings. There is no private agenda and as far as I’m concerned I will support and serve you all. One final thought. None of us (including myself) are getting any younger! If you know of a fellow berthie who needs assistance, has been ill, is vulnerable or could just do with a chat and five minutes of your time, engage with them, that is how enduring friendships are made and brings our boating community together.


Any questions? You know where I am and if I’m aboard the kettle will be on. Well, it looks like Summer is finally here so that’s all from me. Enjoy your weekend.


Happy Boating!





The next event to look forward to! Something for everyone to enjoy. See you there!

Saturday 16th May: Dover Marina Open Day.
I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors. In the run up to this event I had said that it wasn't just about us boatie people, but also about forging links with the community. You know what? I think it did! Firefox Charters offered trips around the harbour, or if you preferred, you could have grabbed an oar and experienced the Bronze Age Replica Boat. Dover Sea Safari, Neptune Diving, the Harbour Patrol Launches and of course Dover Lifeboat and Station were all great attractions. Kent Fire and Rescue, Dover Coastguard and many others were also present and best of all the sun eventually shone! 
In a joint venture between the Port of Dover and Ramora, the flare amnesty also proved popular and received a considerable quantity of TEPs.
This annual event is set to expand, it was good to meet people and also new faces.

More pictures on the Facebook page.



More details below: A day out and a chance to safely dispose of all those out of date flares!


On Saturday 16th May, Dover Marina Open Day returns to provide a marine-focused family event, to provide both budding mariners and those already enjoying the fantastic community benefits of sailing at the Port’s award-winning marina.

There is no reason not to come along and explore what Dover’s waterfront has to offer. Taking place on the Crosswall Quay from 10.00am until 5:00pm, the day will include free entry and parking for all those wanting to explore Dover’s seafront.

The day will bring together the local sailing community and industry experts for a day of family filled-fun with water displays, exhibitions and local food stalls. Firefox fishing charters will be offering trips around the harbour, and there will be the opportunity for the public to paddle the Bronze Age Boat replica around the Wellington Dock.  Also, the RNLI will have their Lifeboat “Station Open day” with its shop and the lifeboat open to visitors. The RNLI will also be offering free lifejacket checks.


Time expired Pyrotechnics (TEPs) always cause a headache for boat owners as their safe and legal disposal can pose something of a problem. This year however, is our chance! 

For the first time ever, working with Ramora UK, the Port of Dover has organised a Flare Amnesty offering a free-flare disposal service on the day (between 11am and 2pm). The disposal of out-of-date flares is a growing problem for boat owners who face severe penalties if they fail to follow the correct procedures.




The Marina Office has produced Marina WIFI Report Forms. They have kindly asked berth holders to complete these, perhaps over a period of a week to ten days to give a picture of the overall performance of the WIFI here. If those of us that avail ourselves of this service spend just a few seconds when we log on to write down the performance (good, bad, slow, fast etc together with the time and date) it would be appreciated. The completed forms will be used to improve the service where applicable. It is NOT necessary to email them to Support Services, you can return your completed forms to the Marina Office and they will do the rest.

The forms are availble from them and I also have some here on Entice, Berth 95 in the Wellington. Don't forget, the kettle is almost always on!





Marina Plan Boards have now been installed on the gates and at various locations around the marina. The durable and weather resistant finish should ensure a long life.

Speaking of a long life, they contain very useful information giving berth numbers and pontoon letters but cruicially, they also give the locations of fire extinguishers, lifebuoys and fixed rescue ladders, many of which have been replaced and updated or newly installed recently. Accordingly, if we do meet with a mishap, they should ensure we have an equally long life also!

Have a look at them, it is always useful to note where to find things in an emergency. The same plan can also be found in the Marina Guide Dover 2015 edition on pages 16 and 17. 

Happy Boating!




Morning All!

Well that was a funny old weekend! What happened to the warm and sunny weather? Anyway, just a couple of points for you all to consider:


Saturday 16th May is the date set for our Dover Marina Open Day. This will take place on the Crosswall Quay between 1000 and 1700. It will be good to see as many there as possible to support and enjoy this event.


Next up, don't forget that tomorrow (17th March) we can expect partial shutdowns of the electrical supply in both the Granville and Wellington Docks. These will occur between 0730 and 1300. The disruption will be kept to a minimum but is necessary for repairs and testing which will ensure the network is both safe and maintained for efficient distibution and supply.


Although there has been a delay in the Representative Meeting notes being emailed, the arrival of said notes is imminent.


Please don't forget to complete the emailed survey you have received. By answering the questions we can all help to enhance everyone's experience.


The official emails from the port are a very effective way of being kept up to date with events and news. Failing that, you can visit this page which I endeavour to update on a regular basis. For the latest news and photos try the Dover-Marina Facebook page.


If, has been suggested recently, that some don't use the Berth Holder News page, the Facebook page or bother reading the emails either, well,  you are missing out and can hardly complain that you don't know what is going on, can you?! You know where to find me.

Kettle's on........!


Happy Boating!








More news on the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR).


As from 11th March a new marketing suite at 3 Waterloo Crescent will be open every Wednesday afternoon between 1400 and 1700. This new facility will offer the opportunity for berth holders, the local community and prospective investors to engage with port representatives and be kept up to date with the lastest news concerning the project.


The eagerly awaited DWDR is a vital project that will create, not just during, but also upon completion, employment and a secure future for the port. The success of this phase of the regeneration will ultimately lead to opportunities for our marina alongside the operations of our busy port. All will be welcome and I am sure that we will all take advantage of this community minded venture by visiting and supporting this latest initiative.


As I have stated before, the implications and overall potential benefits of this project are of tremendous value to all, so no excuse for not going and no excuse to say you don't know what is happening!


Go pay a visit. See you there!



As a new Berth Holder Representative it was a pleasure to attend my first meeting this evening.

I make it clear at this juncture that what follows is purely my own interpretation.

I felt it was a positive experience during which the issues and your comments as Berth Holders you all kindly brought to my attention recently were addressed. You can rest assured that any necessary action is now in hand.

As Berth Holders you will be receiving the notes of the meeting in due course.

Once again, security issues, which are a responsibility we all share, were addressed and the responses provided were reassuring. It is a dreadful thing to suffer burglary and the feeling that our possessions and property has been rifled through, let alone any theft, is a most upsetting experience. Therefore, by liasing closely with the marina staff and port police we can assist with this and remain vigilant taking responsibility for the security of our own vessel and surroundings and encourage others to do likewise. It is also prudent to bear in mind that the recent issues are both extremely rare and also unlikely to reoccur. We must however, remain alert. 

Visitor levels last season were impressive and this year the number of visiting yachtsmen and women together with their motorised counterparts is once again set to rise. One must bear in mind the benefits this has not just for our marina but also for the town and businesses during their stay.

We all look forward to welcoming them this season, as again, this is an area we can participate in by encouraging others to visit our port and town.

A significant part of the meeting was given over to providing those present with the latest information on the various developments within the port. There is a wealth of information available on the subject if you look for it, both online, by visiting the official Port of Dover website, port literature and of course this site too!  

One aspect that struck me was the progressive and dedicated community approach the port is striving to adopt in their efforts to deliver the Dover Western Docks Revival (DWDR) development and the potential positive outcomes for all users of the port this will create. The phased development of the DWDR is, in itself, an interesting concept and one which we should all support. The proposals feature not just job security and  job creation but also an enhanced experience for Berth Holders. Any potential problems are certain to be solved during the ongoing consultations with the team spearheading the project, all of whom have extensive expertise in this field. It will also  equip the port to prosper and adequately face the challenges and opportunities in the years ahead. The benefits of this we can all share in. 

Much consultancy work and associated planning has all ready taken place and continues as I write this. Nothing at this stage is set in stone but rest assured of one thing, it WILL happen. We all need to get behind this exciting venture which offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to create an environment which is sustainable and immensely beneficial to not just our port but also our town in the years that lay ahead.

The overall proposed revival project and the manner in which it will ultimately be implemented and delivered will cause minimal disruption to Berth Holders due to the fact that much of the initial works not impinging on our activities. Indeed, upon completion it will probably greatly encourage those of us who choose not to put to sea on a regular basis to do so.

When the time comes for the potential marina development it will create a first class and dedicated small craft environment with superior facilities which I believe will make us the premier marina on the south coast. This is just one reason the port and development team is listening to Berth Holders and acknowledging that our comments are of importance and much appreciated. Sometimes our expectations are, perhaps, a little unrealistic, but in all aspects and at all stages I believe we are being consulted and listened to. 

All ready awarded the much coveted five anchor award, Dover Marina will soon have the opportunity to be voted Marina of the year. It is within our grasp and will firmly place us on the boating map, or should that be chart!? That may all seem some way off, but is a very real possibility and once again something in which we can all play a part. The eagerness that the port wishes for us to have a say is clearly apparent.

One thing is certain, together with the DTIZ, St James Street development and other concepts all ready taking place in our town, Dover and the marina are going to be both an interesting and exciting environment to experience in the forthcoming years. To be part of that will be a privilege for us all and as I said earlier, one in which we should all look forward to playing our own part in.

This evening, I came away with a very positive attitude and one which I hope you will all share. 


Happy Boating!






Good morning.

I am pleased to say that I am now one of your Berth Holder Representatives for the Wellington Dock.

There is a forthcoming Representatives meeting next week so if you have any pertinent issues you would like me to raise, please let me know. I am here more often than not and you are all welcome to come aboard, have a chat and a coffee. Luna will also be around to entertain your hound(s) should you so desire! I will endeavour to respond to all emails within 24 hours and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

I know most of you all ready and I will be talking to everyone in due course. I look forward to playing my small but important part in  all issues associated with our five anchor awarded marina.

I take this opportunity to wish you all a successful and safe season.

Happy Boating!



Tel: 07703659747 Email:

mv Entice, Berth 95 Wellington Dock.


Spring may seem a long way off right now, but this is always a warming sight! It is, of course, the 2015 edition of the Marina Guide. This annual publication produced by the Port of Dover contains information on everything us berth holders and also our visitors need to know about the benefits of visiting and berthing at a five anchor awarded marina. Berthing and navigation information, tide tables/streams, onshore services and details of local facilities. No doubt if you keep your boat here in Dover you will be receiving your copy soon. As visitors you can pick up your free copy upon your arrival, 
Okay, let me get to the point, why am I writing this?
During the summer our marina welcomes visiting boaties and yachties not just from Europe, but from all over the world. These visitors often forge lasting friendships with those of us that keep our own boats here. We welcome them aboard our craft and they return the compliment.

But, as berth holders we need to do more!

We need to raise the profile of not just our home port but also the town and indeed the wealth of history and things to do right here in White Cliffs Country. We have over 2000 years of history standing in and around iconic cliffs millions of years old. We need to dispel the outdated notion that Dover is too busy with ferries and that it is difficult for small craft to use the superior facilities that are here, because it just isn't true. Small craft can enter via either of the two entrances, Port Control are only too pleased to ensure an easy arrival and departure for visiting boats, whose custom is as important as the revenue from the big boys! Once alongside the Visitor's Pontoon you will receive a warm welcome from the professional marina team who explain everything in a friendly manner. 
Dover is the ideal port from which to start your cross channel passage to the continent, whether you have arrived from the east coast or further down channel. For those that are attempting a crossing for the first time, the Royal Cinque Ports Yacht Club offers a warm welcome with many seasoned sailors available to offer invaluable advice for the less experienced. With a little prior arrangement, it can be possible to cruise or sail in company for moral support and mutual enjoyment. Under the RYA Active Marina Programme there are frequent courses and activities taking place and don't forget an even bigger and better Dover Community Regatta this year.
So, let's get busy, let's encourage others to revisit and anyone who hasn't all ready, to give Dover a go. 
There are many new friendships to be made.
Let's make 2015 a great boating season!


It's that time of the year again! Stormy weather and high winds are once again upon us. Check your mooring ropes and warps etc. It might even be worth deploying an extra one if in any doubt. Also, if you are aboard or popping down, it's always a kind gesture to check the boats near you if the owner is not around. The marina staff will be checking everything as usual as a matter of routine but we can all assist them and each other too. Stay safe (and dry). The boating season is not far away!


One other thing. Temperatures are set to fall again so ice and frost will also be something else to contend with. Access ramps, steps and pontoons will be slippery. Key areas are gritted by marina staff but with over four miles of pontoons and footways they can't do it all! We can all do our bit to stay safe this winter.

Oh, yes,

Happy New Year!


Well done Justin Hutton and also Frank from Hobbies. Our Christmas lights look great. So come on berthies, let's have a few more to really make it look great!


Entice now has her Christmas lights! So come on the rest of you! Lets light up the marina and really make it something to see. Anyone coming down to see the lights is invited to make their own donation to the RNLI, so it's a worthy cause and a bit of fun!


As many of you will now have heard, there have several been recent attempts to break into boats in the marina. Some of these attempts have been successful. The Port of Dover Police have increased their foot and mobile patrols in response. The increased visible presence will be of benefit to all berth holders but the security, safety of our boats and the facilities is a responsibility we all share. Please ensure that gates are closed securely and access codes are not compromised. It takes two seconds to check the gate behind you, ironically about the same time it takes for an unwanted guest to gain entry to your boat.......


We recognise most of our fellow berth holders even if we don't know their names, so if you see someone or something suspicious, please report it. All incidents are followed up by the marina staff and the police. The Marina Watch initiative and Project Kraken are crucial to maintaining the security which we rely on but sometimes take for granted.


Please be vigilant, check the security of your boat and of the boats around you.



Port of Dover Wi-Fi is now available throughout the marina.

To use it you need to visit the marina office and ask for a password to enable your account.




New port regulations take effect from the 1st May 2014, these were highlighted at the VTS Seminar.


Full details are available from the Dover Harbour Board, the salient points for bertholders being:


When contacting Port Control on channel 74 they require you to inform them:


                            1. Who you are.

                            2. Where you are.

                            3. Where you want to go.


When leaving the marina you must contact Port Control on channel 74 before leaving the Tidal Basin and await permission to proceed.


It is also advantageous to familiarise ourselves with the key phrases used during VHF transmissions between Port Control and commercial vessels as this gives us a precise picture of intended manouvres by larger vessels. In any event it is useful to be aware of the terminology used in our home port.


In addition you should keep a listening watch on channels 74 and 16 at all times. 


As the port is developed and becomes busier with commercial arrivals comprising cruise ships, cargo vessels, ferries and recreational craft these measures will help to ensure the prevention of a potentially dangerous situation developing. Additionally, the port tugs and dredger will be kept busy and as responsible boaters it is our responsibility to keep clear and comply with exisiting and new rules.


Many of us hold a basic navigation or boating qualification but perhaps it is now time to extend our knowledge by enrolling on a further course or refresher. For those that haven't yet completed even a basic course, just do it! Dover Sea Sports, Mutiny Diving and the Yacht Club all offer a range of courses to suit our needs. Don't forget also, that you and your craft require a valid VHF licence before you go out on the water......


                   It's better to be safe than sorry!




Of interest to Berth Holders:


Port of Dover VTS Seminar.


This is to be held on the 28th March at the Yacht Club from 19:45 until 21:30


It will give details on new procedures to be implimented and also information on navigation and other points of interest.

All are welcome.



Issued 0600 20.12.13


During the next seven to ten days a prolonged period of windy and stormy weather can be expected. Wind speeds are expected to peak at Force 9 at times gusting in excess of 50 knots. The period into Christmas Eve could see winds attaiing 60 or so knots. If you are here, check your vessel and particularly the mooring lines. If you have a fellow berth holder who is not around, please have a quick check of their vessel too.

The flood tide reaches the toilet and laundry facilities, Wellington Dock around midnight

09.12.13 Over two successive tides on the 5th and 6th of December 2013, Dover experienced some of the highest tides ever recorded at the port. The predicted tide was 7 metres but with the associated storm surge this overtopped to a height of around 8.5 metres causing flooding of freight areas, quaysides and port facilities. Most areas were rapidly cleaned up and restored to working order. One exception is the Wellington Dock where power will hopefully be restored on Tuesday to all areas of the marina. One pontoon had power reconnected on Friday evening, but the Northampton Quay supply cabinet equipment was damaged by water and parts have been ordered to effect a repair. The port electricians worked hard to do what they could to sort the problems out and were particularly resourceful. Thanks Guys! Marina staff also kept berth holders up to date with information and offered advice following the extremely unusual conditions and aftermath.

04.12.13 New marina laundry machines have now been installed in the Clock Tower facilities. Marina Berth Holders can now make use of a brand new washing machine and dryer. The cost for using them remains the same.

Please can we all keep the pedestrian and vehicle gate secured at Bethnall Corner, the entrance into the  Northampton Quay car park. If it is windy and you are leaving, just give it a tug behind you to make sure it closes securely. Security is a responsibility we all share!



As from April, we understand it will no longer be possible for owners to stay aboard their craft when out in the yard. This is for safety reasons, particularly in times of severe weather.

A word of thanks...


My own vessel suffered a skin fitting failure in October 2013. In the middle of the night she started taking on water and I called the Marina Office. Within minutes the Duty Harbour Master was in attendance and offered reassuring advice and assistance. By early morning and with the situation under control, the DHB workboat Diana took me to the boat lift for immediate lift out. The boatyard team then ensured my vessel was quickly and efficiently transported by cradle to a convenient spot in the yard so that I could effect repairs.


Many thanks to all concerned:

 DHM, Marina Office and Boatyard staff.

Great job. You were all superb.

19.11.13: New electricity tariffs rolled out.....


Communication has now been made to this effect and the new marina electricity tariffs effective from the 11th November 2013 are as follows:


Day tariff:      0730-0030 increased to 12.5 pence per kWhour.


Night tariff:     0031-0729 increased to 9.5 pence per kWhour. 


These rates do not include VAT which is an additional 5%


These increased rates reflect a new three year contract with the Marina energy provider. Email messaging is available to all berth holders advising you when there is either £4.00 or 20% of your last electricity purchase left, whichever is higher. It is therefore important to register your email address with the Marina Office Team.

Nobody likes price increases, but it will be observed that these tariffs represent value for money when compared to domestic energy charges at home. 

10.10.13. Several periods of extremely stormy weather have been predicted. Please make sure your boat is safe and secure this winter. Those of us that spend more time here than others also keep a watchful eye on potential problems and together with the diligence of marina staff can quickly prevent serious damage and heartache.

In with the new and err, in with the old....

Of particular interest to berth holders will be the news that the Harbour Board have now selected their choice of new marina berth holder representatives from the list of nominations provided by those of us that could be bothered to be involved. Here in the Wellington Dock we have two new representatives. One hopes they will  work closely with the gentleman who was reselected by the powers that be, of Harbour House.

Northampton Quay Car Park Access



Everyone agrees that security is an important issue. However, is there not an easier and simpler solution concerning access to this area ? It is certainly not going to be an easy task to get either in or out as the nights draw in and the weather deteriorates. How easy is it going to be to see the digits on the combination lock and to fiddle with it whilst being soaked by windblown rain in the dark?

Can we not have a fixed key code lock similar to others fitted around the marina?

Is there any real need to have this gate closed and locked during daylight hours?

Security arrangements, particularly in the Wellington Dock, were perhaps polarised earlier in the year when one particular vessel received more than it's fair share of unwanted visitors.

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