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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.

Rotary Wing


A selection of rotary wing aircraft photographed over and around Dover appear on this page.


All images on this page and elsewhere on the website are subject to copyright. This requires you to obtain permission to reproduce them before doing so.

Thank you.


Coastguard aircraft G-MAFI flies over the port on Friday 11th July during operation Badge, a joint venture using units from the Police, Coastguard and Border Force.

03.07.15 Belgian Airforce Search and Rescue Helicopter RS04 takes off from Dover Coastguard Station and heads back to base.



An Army Gazelle helicopter leaves Dover Coastguard Station after a brief landing during training operations.


Above & below: Heli Charter's G-SUEY at Dover Regatta 2010
Army Chinook exercising at the coastguard station in 2014


Kent Air Ambulance G-KAAT makes her final approach to land at the Eastern Docks to attend the incident involving the engine room fire aboard Dieppe Seaways.

RAF SAR helicopter overflies the cliffs at dusk 2009
SAR Helicopter and Dover Lifeboat demonstrate at Dover Regatta

Arena Aviation's G-TVHD twin engined Airbus Helicopter AS355FT Squirrel

flies above the port on Tuesday 5th August 2014.

More details from


26.05.15 Aerial surveying of the grid system. Just caught her as she flew close to the marina earlier.
The helicopter flies just above and to one side of the line. Trained observers, using OS maps with overlays showing power lines and installations, report on 40 kinds of faults - ranging from deterioration to damage caused by storms, vandals and woodpeckers. If the condition is urgent, details are immediately telephoned to the electricity network control centre.

All routine work is plotted onto report maps or stored in a computer system.
About 130 to 160 km of line can be surveyed in a normal five-hour flying day split into two sorties. Two men and a Land Rover would take 10 days.
A forward looking infra-red Kelvin 275 electronic camera is used with a digital video recorder to detect hot spot faults. Used mainly on the 132kV and 33/66kV systems, this technique can also show heat coming from buildings to measure how energy efficient they are. Utilising superior four-axis stabilisation, this camera system delivers exceptional TV performance, together with the latest technology in thermal imaging.


Al Forbes kindly permitted the use of his superb image to be reproduced here. Al photographed the Sky News helicopter at work above the port lunchtime on the 14th July 2014. A great image. Thanks again Al.

30.06.15 BBC News helicopter G-TAKE hovers over the port whilst filming during the blockading of Calais port by MFL/SCOP employees fearing for their jobs.



June 2009: Belgian Search and Rescue helicopter RS02 plucks a casualty from the cliffs beneath Dover Coastguard Station. Both images courtesy of and copyright Mike Jackson.


HMS Kent's AgustaWestland Merlin helicopter on board during her visit to the port in 2012
Network Rail's G-NLDR surveying the local rail lines in March 2014
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