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Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.
Independent shipping news, photography and more from the Dover Strait.

A Tender Project

In the closing months of last year, a colleague of mine excitedly informed me of a "dumped small boat" he had located. Intrigued, I agreed we should investigate and duly liberated the aforementioned "boat".


We decided that the main objective would be to achieve the renovation as cheaply as possible, using either secondhand or existing materials that we had laying around. Failing that, we would beg, borrow  (but not steal) anything else we required.


What follows then, is a photographic account of the subsequent journey we have both undertaken to restore her to her former glory! As work develops we will bring you more photos and comments on how we went about this interesting challenge.


Stage 1: Transport arrives and the boat is safely loaded and driven to the workshop........!

Stage 2: Once in the workshop, after a preliminary scrub down, the integrity of the hull and the ability to remain afloat doesn't look too bad. A softest wire brush removes a lot of the superficial flaking paint and grime. 

Stage 3: The damaged fibreglass sides are trimmed neatly following removal of the rotten and damaged timber gunwhales and transom plate.

Stage 4: Neatly trimmed and dusted down, we are now back to just the basic  paint encrusted fibreglass hull.

Stage 5: Upturning the hull we discover no fewer than four different coloured layers of paint. Using Stanley blade type scrapers, but taking care not to damage the gelcoat, this is painstakingly removed over many hours. Tedious in the extreme, but necessary.

Stage 6: After fifteen or so hours of tedium, the results are plain to see! As much of the paint has been removed without damage to the hull. The remaing paint will be removed with a sander using fine 120 grade sheets to give a uniform and stable surface.

To be contunued......

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